As we get ready to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus this Easter, we are also likely getting ready to revisit our yearly traditions, whether it is packing the kids in the minivan to visit grandma, singing worship songs at church, hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden or cooking that turkey to perfection. But what do Easter celebrations look like around the world? We asked Compassion-assisted kids to share some of their favourite family traditions for Easter. Take a look at how they will be celebrating Jesus this year!

Wearing a new dress

Swimming and eating sweet beans

Talking to youth about Jesus

Playing with colours

“Every year at Easter, I look forward to celebrating by playing Holi with water and colours right after the church service is over.”
– Diana, 11, Bangladesh

(Holi is a Festival of Colour celebrated in India and Bangladesh by throwing colour powders. Originally a Hindu celebration, it has become a secularized celebration and has become integrated into some Easter celebrations.)

Visiting extended family

“Besides going to church on Easter as a family, we usually go and visit our family members that live in distant places, and we share a memorable meal. It’s only Easter when I get to meet my cousins, uncles and aunties I don’t get to see every day. It’s an amazing day for our family.”
– Cynthia, 13, Rwanda

Reenacting the Last Supper

“At Easter in my church, we dress as Hebrews, and then we have a party where we drink a little bit of wine with bread. We do that to remember when Jesus told his disciples ‘the wine is my blood and the bread is my body.”
– Nicol, 10, Bolivia

Touring the town

“My father always takes me and my brother to town for a tour every Easter. We get to see the new buildings in Kigali city. We enter one of the newest buildings and our father buys us a snack. This is the only time of the year we get to do this with my father. Easter is always a memorable day for me and my brother.”
– Elie, 12, Rwanda

Singing in the choir

“I always look forward to singing in the choir at the Easter service. I love to sing—it makes me happy! When we sing in the church with everyone, the joy is twofold in my heart.”
– Srabonti, 10, Bangladesh

Eating rice and chicken

“On Easter, I like to eat rice and chicken.”
– Luisa, 9, Dominican Republic

Watching an Easter movie

“We watch The Passion— an Easter movie about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it always reminds me of the price Jesus paid for my salvation. It always makes me cry because it’s sad to see Jesus being beaten even though He is innocent.”
– Steven, 12, Rwanda

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Photos and reporting by Galia Oropeza, J. Sangma, Yrahisa Meteo Solano and Doreen Umutesi; words by Laura Heming

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